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The benefits of salt have been known since ancient times, it is enough to think of its role played in food preservation thanks to its antimicrobial action. The beneficial activity in humans was discovered in the mid-nineteenth century, when a Polish physician, Dr. Felix Boczkowski related the good health of those who were employed in the salt mines with their work environment. In 1843, Dr. Boczkowski decided to look further into what until then had been only intuitions and realized that the beneficial effects of the mines were due to trace elements present in the environment and to their concentrations, as well as the temperature and humidity. This gave birth to "halotherapy" (from " halos " in Greek which means "salt"), a natural method of non-invasive therapy, very simple which allows for, on the one hand, the inhalation of a dry salt aerosol via the respiratory tract, and on the other hand, their absorption through the skin.


Today, with the advancement of technology, we are able to reproduce the right microclimate to exploit the beneficial properties of salt even in the context of equine respiratory problems. The treatment takes place in a normal stable free of animal litter, outside of which, on a wall the dry saline dispenser Aerosalhorse considered a veterinarian medical device is applied; inside the saline aerosol a standardized dose of NaCl is inserted, as an accessory of the saline dispenser Aerosalhorse ®. The box is then sealed so as to allow the air to maintain the desired concentration of micronized salt.


Once inhaled, the micronized sodium chloride, goes to act at the level of the respiratory tract favoring, through an osmotic pressure gradient (different salt concentration between the outside of the cell membrane and its interior) the best hydration of the mucous membranes of the respiratory system and a consequent fluidization of the mucous thus favoring the reduction of a series of diseases such as COPD IAD and RAO.


The "aerosol" salt

The salt used is an optimized blend of sodium chloride and sodium iodide to reproduce in the best way a marine microclimate and to maintain the correct exposure level of iodine. The dose inserted into the saline dispenser is micronized, checked and packed in special vacuum-sealed bags to guarantee its characteristics, in the company's laboratory. For the preparation of the mixture two types of salt (NaCl) are used: the salt RG (According to Ph Eur Current Edition) and the iodized salt ESCO. It should be noted that the amount of iodine in the salt ESCO and diffused in the cabin is not a pharmacologically relevant amount for the purposes of achieving a therapeutic activity.


The laboratory

The company has a special laboratory equipped for the micronization, the control and packaging of the doses of salt to be inserted into the dispenser of dry saline aerosol to ensure a controlled dosage.


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Aerosalhorse® Aerosal Dry Therapy Clinical Studies

AEROSALHORSE ®, dry saline aerosol dispenser, is considered a veterinarian medical device. AEROSALHORSE ® is intended for distribution in the air, in a confined environment (stable box, van or trailer), particles of sodium chloride and iodine in the form of aerosol acting on the horses that are inside.

The stress from racing, the continuous improvement of performance, the selection, the training sessions always more specific and intense and the particular physiology of the cardio-respiratory system of the horse, have significantly increased the occurrence of inflammations of the respiratory system.

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