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Aerosal Dry Therapy


The stress from racing, the continuous improvement of performance, the selection, the training sessions always more specific and intense and the particular physiology of the cardio-respiratory system of the horse, have significantly increased the occurrence of inflammations of the respiratory system.

Inflammation of the lower airways (IAD - inflammatory air way disease), together with musculoskeletal disorders, is the main cause of decline in performance and thus represents significant damage, not only to the performance, but also economically to the horse industry.


Corticosteroid and anti-microbial anti-inflammatory therapies that the therapeutic protocols provide for, improve the condition of the airways, but require maintenance therapies at the end. The opportunity to use therapies in the immediacy of performance without being considered doping is a happy solution, both on a therapeutic and managerial level. Halotherapy, in this case, may be the answer to our needs.

It is a non-invasive method, very simple, which provides for, on the one hand, the inhalation via the respiratory tract of dry saline aerosols, and the other hand, the contact with the skin. The treatment lasts 30 minutes during which time a dose of micronized salt is inhaled. The salt used in the dispenser of the aerosol is controlled and packaged in the form of micronized crystals in standardized amounts to ensure a controlled dosage.

Iodized salt is used to simulate the sea air, and to maintain the correct level of exposure to iodine. The treatment with salt is totally natural, therefore, it can be a daily therapy, also used before a competition since it is not doping, and it can be used on an ongoing basis because it is devoid of side effects.


Even for those suffering from chronic obstructive airway pathologies, which require continuous treatments, Halotherapy could reduce the need for corticosteroid use, thereby reducing side effects and reactions that may arise inevitably in the long term.


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